Facetime for PC | Download Facetime App for Windows PC (Windows 10,8,7,Vista)

  Enjoy HD Audio/Video Calling with FaceTime for Windows:With the advent of technology the world has rapidly shrunk. It is now really a small place as we can be in touch with our loved ones even while sitting in different continents. This is has been made possible by Video Calling…. Read more »

10 Best Facetime Alternatives for Video Calling on Android Phones

Are you an Android user who is tired of listening to your iPhone- fanatic friend how great Face Time is and how they video chat with their other pals, who too are Apple users, living around the globe? The most frustrating thing is that you don’t have the “privilege” of… Read more »

What is Proxy Server ? 10 Best Free Proxy Sites to Browse Anonymously | Benefits of Using Online Proxy

How to Browse Anonymously with Proxy Servers You may be wondering what proxy servers are, and more importantly, how they can benefit your internet browsing behaviour. Well, think of it this way – every time you browse a specific website, or connect with a user online, your connection with that… Read more »

Terrarium TV Apk Latest Version Free Download for Android | Latest Apk Version 1.8.0

The fiercely competitive world has made it a norm for many to work unusual hours. Thus, watching one’s favorite program on TV has become a rare possibility. Additionally, with numerous channels, airing number of watch-worthy programs simultaneously forces any avid watcher to sacrifice one or two of his favorite programs…. Read more »

Psiphon 3 Free Download for Windows 7/8.1/10 PC and Laptop

Psiphon 3 is an app that helps you to bypass content filtering and to break the barriers of internet censorship in your PC. Initially, Psiphon was an application which was meant to be used in Android mobile OS platform only. Psiphon used to let the users utilize the internet usage… Read more »

Turbo Vpn App | Unlimited Free Vpn Apk Download for Android

Turbo VPN is a very popular VPN (virtual private network) application that allows you to surf the web freely without any location-based restrictions which some countries or websites might impose. The most interesting fact is that, unlike other VPN apps, here in case of Turbo VPN, the users can enjoy… Read more »

Appvn Android App | Appvn Apk 7.3a Latest Version Free Download

Appvn (AppStoreVn) is the latest and most catchy third party application in the market now a days. It is popular in the smartphones compatible with Android operating system. The main distinguishing feature that sets it apart from all other android applications is its availability of multiple other apps and games… Read more »

10 Best Free Android Emulators for PC { Windows 10,7,8.1}

Today, there are more interesting apps available for laptops or PC.  Due to increased technology, many of the users are like to install various apps on their PC. Android emulator is one of the software that will be installed in your laptop. These support your pc to install any android… Read more »

Garage Band for Windows PC | Garageband Apk Free Download on Windows 7/8/10

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How to Use Tinder Without Facebook ? How to Upload Photos to Tinder ?

Tinder is a social media application designed for people who love to make friends online through communication.  It is a place where people share their mutual interests with each other.  The app is commonly designated as a dating app due to the features it offers to its users.  Users who… Read more »