Showbox App for PC [ Download Showbox Apk for Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS / Computer ]

ShowBox is one of the most popular apps for the Android platform which offers you a bountiful of video streaming content like movies, cartoons, TV shows etc. free of cost. Today this app can be made functional on many other platforms including your Windows desktop and PC If you are curious about or eager to download the ShowBox app on your Windows of Vista, 8.1 and 10 versions; then follow the guidelines below: Read on for more info on Showbox for window 10 pc

First Method : 

Install Showbox App Using Emulator

Step 1: Download an Android Emulator

The pros would know, but if you are foraying into the cross-platform apps world for the first time, you need to know that any Android app would run on other platforms using its appropriate Android emulator. There are plenty of such emulators available on the internet for Windows platform, but nothing beats the Bluestacks emulator. It is extremely user- friendly and convenient to use. You can download it for free from here.

Step 2: Install the Bluestacks emulator

You will find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder or any location that you have specified. Open the file and double-click on ‘Bluestacks.exe’ to initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen wizard. In one particular window checkmark both “App Store Access” and “Application Communications’ and continue with the installation till complete.

Step 3: Configure Bluestacks

Next, open the Bluestacks window and click on the option, ‘Sign in With Google.’ Sign in using your Google account and proceed to finish the set-up and configuration of the emulator. You might be asked to again sign into your Google account in the process.

Step 4: Download the ShowBox APK

The next step is to download the latest version of the ShowBox APK. You can download it from the following link: 

Step 5: Install the ShowBox APK using Bluestacks

Open the Bluestacks emulator. You will get an option, ‘Install APK.’ Select the downloaded ShowBox APK and start the installation. Follow on-screen instructions until installation is completed. You will see the icon of ShowBox APK appearing in the Bluestacks emulator. You can just double-click it and enjoy the video streaming content for free.

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Second Method 

Install Showbox on PC Using Google Chrome Extension

Sometimes Bluestacks may exhibit some problem, or you might not look forward to installing any Android Emulator on your PC. In that scenario, you can try this alternate method which utilizes a Google Chrome extension, Arc Welder. You need to have the Chrome browser installed on your PC.  If you do not have the browser, you can download and install in on your computer using the following link:

Step 1: Add ARC Welder to Chrome browser

The step involves adding ARC Welder extension to the Chrome browser. Open the browser and navigate the path:

Settings of Chrome >> Extensions >> Get more extensions >> Search for ARC welder >> Add to Chrome

You can also add the extension, directly by following the link given here:

Step 2: Launch the ARC Welder

In the Chrome address bar, type in “chrome://apps/” and hit Enter. A page will open up showing some icons of apps. You would find the ARC Welder icon and name on the page. Double click and launch the icon. A page would open up asking you to choose or create a Directory. You can select an existing one or a new one and follow the wizard to completion.

Step 3: Download the ShowBox APK

You can download the ShowBox APK .We have already covered an excellent article to download showbox app ..just glance it…

Step 4: Add the ShowBox APK to the ARC Welder’

On the ARC extension home page, there would be an option, ‘Add your APK.’ Now navigate to the folder where the is there and select it. Once you select and add it, you need to hit the Test tab. You would see a window opening up which will give you the option of selecting the orientation, form factor, any metadata you desire to add etc. You may play with it if you are a pro or leave the default option. Hit the Test button again located at the bottom of the window to complete the process.

The process is now complete for you to enjoy ShowBox on your PC.  All you need to do is follow the path :

Open Chrome > New tab > Apps > ShowBox

Step 5: Taking care of errors

In this method, you might come across some errors. Sometimes you get a ‘Connection Error.’ Here, after checking your internet connectivity, open a new tab to navigate to ShowBox and you are done.

At other time, you might come across an error, “WebGL is not supported.”  In this case

  • Go to the Settings option of the Chrome browser and click on ‘Show advanced settings.’
  • In the page, ensure that ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ has a tick beside it.
  • Browse to Chrome:// flags. Check that the option ‘Override software rendering list’ is enabled.
  • Now navigate to chrome://gpu and locate the option WebGL. You would find ‘Hardware accelerated’ beside it.

Now you would not face any issues running the ShowBox app.

We hope that the guide proved useful for you. For any queries or suggestion, do comment below. Simultaneously, do talk about this to your friends.

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