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Turbo VPN is a very popular VPN (virtual private network) application that allows you to surf the web freely without any location-based restrictions which some countries or websites might impose. The most interesting fact is that, unlike other VPN apps, here in case of Turbo VPN, the users can enjoy the facility with just a single tap of a button.Users do not need to go through any registration and do not have to agree with any condition. Turbo VPN has a minimalist interface which is absolutely user-friendly. When the user is not connected, he can see a silhouette of a rabbit and a button with a carrot in the centre. The rabbit symbolizes that Turbo VPN actually connects “as fast as a hare”. Once the button is tapped, the rabbit runs for a few seconds while the user connects and it lays down once he is connected. As soon as the rabbit resets, the user can comfortably surf the Internet. Turbo VPN is the smartest alternative to more conventional VPN apps and stands out for its incredible ease of use. It is just one tap and it is all set. You can download it from google play store by clicking here.

turbo vpn app free download

How to set up VPN from Android settings? Turbo VpnĀ 

Turbo VPN is a system in which computing devices can route and re-route Internet traffic through a server or computer located anywhere in the world barring all the restrictions imposed. The prime reason for doing this is security. When a company or user can route or re-route its web traffic and can hide it from local networks, it becomes harder for the intruders to snoop through any sensitive file or document or any other delicate information passing through as data.You can easily download Turbo VPN from Google Play Store. Steps to set up a Turbo VPN account on your smartphone with Android OS are as follows:

Go to settings > apps
Go to “Wireless and Networks” > select “More”
Choose “VPN”
On the top right corner there would be a “+” sign, tap it
Select your desired protocol and enter the VPN information provided by the network administrator
Click on “Save”
Connect by going back to VPN settings and selecting your VPN choice. You need to enter your username and password combination.
You have also an option to hit the 3-dot menu button to set your VPN to remain always on without going off any time. Turbo VPN will occupy almost 7 MB space of your smartphone memory.

Turbo Vpn Key Features:

  • Turbo VPN is a 100% free VPN service, no other hidden costs are involved.
  • It is easily available to download from Google Play Store.
  • The interface is minimalist which makes it absolutely skin-friendly.
  • It is a high speed VPN service barring all web restrictions all over the world.
  • It is the best unlimited free VPN clients for Android smartphone users.
  • It promotes free VPN proxy.
  • It is the fastest VPN – it connects as a rabbit to unblock sites.
  • It is the easiest VPN – just one tap to connect to VPN proxy server.
  • It is the most stable VPN – it has lots of free cloud proxy server to provide better VPN service.
  • It bypasses the firewalls as free VPN proxy for restricted Wi-Fi (eg: school and office computers).
  • Its Wi-Fi hotspot secures and protects privacy.
  • It protects your network traffic under Wi-Fi hotspot (browse anonymously and securely) without being tracked. Hence you can enjoy private browsing.
  • It unblocks websites with free VPN proxy server. It can also unblock videos not available in your country.
  • It is compatible with working Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G and all other mobile data carriers.
  • It encrypts data using open VPN protocols like TCP/UDP.
  • It has minimal generic advertisements and no time limiting.

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Turbo Vpn Versions Available:

The latest version of Turbo VPN APK is 1.9.8 which has been released in 2017. In this version the users can have the choice to remove the advertisements and more number of VPN proxy servers can be added as per the choice of the users. It also supports French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages apart from usual English language. The older versions Turbo VPN 1.9.1 APK and Turbo VPN 1.9.0 APK are also available in market.IN our previous article we have covered best proxy sites list just have a look at it once,you may find it useful

User Reviews:

It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 in its official downloading site. Even though most of the users have agreed the part that it is the most secure minimalist VPN for your mobile to utilize 100% free unlimited data usage, but many has not agreed the part that it connects as fast as a hare. Some users have expressed their opinion by saying that the statement “Turbo VPN connects as fast as a hare” is not too outlandish because they can give approximately 80% of the user’s usual Internet speed. This apart, a mobile VPN definitely helps to reduce the amount of data usage consumed on the users’ mobile plan. This product Turbo VPN comes from China and the company itself claims that they do not retain data but they may still collect the same for legal purposes, if necessary. Hence, if you need a higher guarantee/ higher degree of anonymity then there are plenty of paid VPN services elsewhere that would honour stricter user-logging policies.

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